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Mazda Ute/Tray Mats



Tuff ute mats are made from solid rubber 4mm thick, they are not woven like some inferior brands, the last thing you wont is a nail or rock to get under it and start grinding away at the tub floor.

Our mats are precision cut for a perfect fit.

Great for protecting the ute tub floor or if you have a liner will stop your load sliding around and your dog will love it to, no more ice skating for fido

Most of our mats for Dual/Crew Cab Utes come with a FREE tailgate mat valued at $49

Most of our mats for Extra/Super/Single/Free style Cab Utes can have a tailgate mat added for $49





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BT50 Dual Cab 1986 - Nov' 2011$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION
BT50 Super Cab2007 - Nov' 2011$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION
BT50 Single Cab2007 - Nov' 2011$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION
Mazda BT50 Dual CabNov' 2011 - Current$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION
Mazda BT50 Space CabNov' 2011 - Current$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION
Mazda BT50 Single CabNov' 2011 - Current$195$30BUY NOW QUESTION