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F.A.Q's. Tuff Lids

Tuff Lids - F.A.Q's

Q. Is it waterproof?
A. It is weather proof!

No tonneau cover is waterproof. We use a rubber seal which is weather tight.

You can get water into the bed of your Ute if you use a high pressure washer or hose and angle it to force the water directly up into the bottom of the lid.

However, it is possible to get water into any lid. We state that our tonneau cover is weather proof. If it is raining, it will not leak water into it, if it is properly installed.

We've also tried to get water into it via a car wash. The Tuff Lid has not leaked water in any car wash we've been through.

Q. Is it easy to install?

You should be able to install a Tuff Lid in less than two hours using simple hand tools. You will need 2 people to handle it. We can install one in about 45 minutes. Your installation time will be a little longer if you've never installed one before.

Q. Is it easy to remove the Tuff Lid if I have to?

The Tuff Lid is designed to be removed in less than a minute. It only requires a screwdriver to release the gas struts and then remove the safety key rings from the front hinges, then tilt it up and slide it out of the hinges.

Q. Does your paint match my Ute?
A. All of our paint is matched to the OEM specifications (paint code) on the Ute.

Because of variations in paint by the manufacturer, it is impossible to guarantee a perfect color match, however less than 1% of complaints are due to variations in paint color. We use the same paint codes the manufacturers give us and paint match is almost never a problem.

Q. How does a Tuff Lid lock?
A. The Tuff Lid locks with a key in the center of the cover near the tailgate. The key turns arms that slide under lock brackets mounted to the side of the tub as well as locking under a lock bracket mounted to the centre of the tailgate.

Q. Are Tuff Lids compatible with Ute Liners?

Tuff Lids are compatible with both over edge and under edge ute liners. Slight modifications may need to be made to the front of the liner so the lid hinges can attach directly to the car.

Q. Does a Tuff Lid lock my tailgate?

If your Ute has the tailgate handle on the outside, the Tuff Lid comes with a special locking pin that fits into the tailgate locking bracket, preventing the tailgate from being opened.

Q. Can I stand on a Tuff Lid?
A. A Tuff Lid is strong enough to support the weight of four men, however we do not recommend you stand on your Tuff Lid. Dirt and stones in your shoes may cause abrasions to the top of your Tuff Lid, and there is always the risk that you may fall and injure yourself.

Q. How much does a Tuff Lid Weigh?
A. Tuff Lids weigh on average around 25 kilograms, making them the strongest, lightest lid on the market, and easy to relocate on your own.

Q. Is a Tuff Lid Durable?
A. Tuff Lids are very durable. We have had a Nissan Patrol reverse over a Tuff Lid and the top was not damaged. Naturally we do not recommend this kind of treatment, however if the top ever needs replacing, it only costs around $100. All Tuff Lids come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Q. What is the best thing to clean my Tuff Lid with?
A. The very best cleaning agent for a Tuff Lid is 303 Protectant. Not only does it renew, beautify and preserve your investment, it is non greasy so it will not attract dust like other cleaning agents. 303 Protectant is available from all good auto stores

Q. Can I wear it as a hat?

A. Now you are just being silly...