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F.A.Q's. Lazer Backs


Q. How thick is the lid?

A. The lid sits above the top of the tub by 4ml, making it the lowest profile lid on the market.

Q. Will I need to buy any more parts to fit it?

A. No!
Everything you need to fit the lid comes with it, including fitting instructions.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. It is weather proof!
No tonneau cover is waterproof. We use a rubber seal which is  weather tight.
You can get water into the bed of your Ute if you use a high pressure washer or hose and angle it to force the water directly up into the bottom of the lid.

However, it is possible to get water into any lid. We state that our tonneau cover is weather proof. If it is raining, it will not leak water into it, if it is properly installed.

We've also tried to get water into it via a car wash. The Lid has not leaked water in any car wash we've been through.

Q. Is it easy to install?

You should be able to install a Lid in less than an hour using simple hand tools. You will need 2 people to handle it. We can install one in about 45 minutes. Your installation time will be a little longer if you've never installed one before.

Q. Is it easy to remove the Lid if I have to?

The Lid is designed to be removed in less than a minute. It only requires a screwdriver to release the gas struts and then remove the safety key rings from the front hinges, then tilt it up and slide it out of the hinges.

Q. Does your paint match my Ute?

A. All of our paint is matched to the OEM specifications (paint code) on the Ute.

Q. Will this lid make me more attractive to the opposite sex?

A. It'll make ya car look cool…  we don't claim to work miracles!  :)